Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Macromedia Extensions

As a fan of Macromedia products and software when it comes to web design I have noted that of late there are less and less free extensions out there. However, I have come across this website that offers great extensions. Some are at a cost but some are free, even the priced ones are of excellent value and I would recommend a browse.

I am looking for the automatic page last updated extension so if anyone knows where I can find it grateful if you could let me know.

Web Design

Hello, this is my first posting and welcome to my blog space.

I have just started up a small web design company specialising in site for small businesses and for personal use or hobbyists. Please have a look at my web design company at and please e-mail me with any requests you may have. I pride myself in offering the best value for money in this field.

My interests are web design, supporting Liverpool FC and trading on the Betfair markets. In fact I designed and built the website for I am also a member of their Monthly Analysis Service and for £75.00 I cannot recommend this service highly enough. I am now winning on a regular basis! The owner of the site, Pete Nordsted, runs a blog at and here you will find a most informative and entertaining read.

I shall be updating this blog on a regular basis so do please re-visit.